The Cisco LISP Team is preparing to deliver an UPDATED Advanced LISP Tectorial at Cisco Live London (January 2013)
(TECIPM-3191 – Advanced – LISP Techtorial)

This is a full day immersion into the different aspects of LISP. We’ll be covering not only the details of LISP for the various use-cases, but also some of the details of real, production, customer deployments. Use cases include VM-mobility, Internet Multi-homing, Large Scale WAN VPNs, Multi-tenant VPNs, Mobile Node mobility.

We will also be hosting an updated Walk In Self Paced (WISP) Lab on LISP. This Lab includes modules that cover multihoming, IPv6 transition, LISP/non-LISP interworking (PxTR deployments), and Shared Model Virtualization

We hope to see everyone at Cisco Live London!


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