Cisco recently announced that LISP has now been integrated into the Mainline IOS and IOS XE releases. In addition, a new Engineering Special for IOS was also released.

  • LISP has now been included in MAINLINE Releases for IOS and IOS XE. The IOS image is the 15.1.4M release, and the IOS XE image is the 3.3.0S release. These images are FULLY supported by Cisco for any deployment scenario, including LISP. (The LISP code included in these mainline IOS and IOS XE images does not support LISP virtualization, however. LISP virtualization is only supported in the engineering images, but will be included in the next Mainline release.)
  • A new LISP Engineering Special Release for IOS is now available. The IOS image is the 15.1(4)XB4. This LISP Engineering Special Release for IOS is also fully supported by Cisco for LISP deployments scenarios. This new LISP Engineering Special Release includes full support for LISP virtualization, and includes support
    for the “ALT-less” deployment of a LISP PITR.

For details on these new releases, to download software, and to find other information about Cisco implementations of LISP please visit:


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