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In cooperation with InTouch NV, Amsterdam, we have requested two experimental resources from RIPE. As quoted from the interworking-01 draft:

Proxy Egress Tunnel Routers (PETRs) allow for LISP-NR sites to communicate with non-LISP sites in the case where the access network does not allow for the LISP-NR site send packets with the source address of the site’s EID(s).

The two main reasons for using a PETR:

  • avoiding strict uRPF failures
  • traversing a different IP Protocol.

The main advantage of offering this service through anycast is ease of configuration and making it more accessible to the public.

Through this experimental range we hope to answer the following questions:

  • Will PETR, presented as a public service, be abused, if so, what kind of abuse?
  • Will LISP gain wider acceptable if configuration is easier because of the anycast range?
  • By making it easier to offer a PETR service to the public, will Autonomous Systems step in and start offering it to the internet as a whole or just their customers?
  • In regard to the above mentioned questions, will latency to and from the LISP testnetwork improve in the course over a year?

During and after the year we will publish what we have discovered through various channels: mailinglists, and others if available.

The experimental ranges have been made available for a limited amount of time, the time table is as following:

Phase 1: 2010-03-09 to 2011-03-09
Possible phase 2: 2011-03-09 to 2012-03-09

In Phase 2 the LISP beta network will expand the amount PETR’s around the world further.


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