Joining the beta network is easy!

All you need to do is follow a few simple steps:

Upon explicit request, we can allocate an EID for you to use at the LISP Beta network. If you wish to do so, send us an email to maintainers (at) with subject “LISP Beta network allocation”. Please make sure first that you have a publicly routable, non-firewalled address on the device you wish to connect, and include the following information with your request:

  • Your full name
  • Geographical location of the intended deployment (we need to provision mapping service on Map-Servers topologically close to you)
  • The model of  the router or software that you will use to connect to the LISP Beta network
  • The scenarios and use cases you are most interested in (e.g., multihoming, IPv6 transition, ingress traffic engineering, just learning new tech, etc.)
  • How you learned about LISP Beta network
When we receives your email, we will:
  • Assign LISP EID space to you (an IPv4 /28 and an IPv6 /48)
  • Configure the LISP Beta Network Mapping System for your Site
  • Provide you with the details you will need to “get on line” (Map-Servers to register to, Map-Resolvers to point to, and Proxy Egress Tunnel Routers to point to for AF hop-over)

It’s that simple! In short, if you would like to join the LISP Beta Network!

If you need support contact with the correct group supporting your OS.
Cisco supports Cisco images:
OpenOverlayRouter supports OOR: supports OpenLISP:


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