Welcome to the LISP Network Operators Group (LNOG) Page

LNOG is intended to be an online forum to discuss topics around the protocol design, implementation, and operational deployment of LISP. We hope that participants can use it to share techniques/tips, ideas for future use cases, and get a general feel for what works and what could be improved with regards to the real operational issues involved with running a LISP network. Quarterly LISP Operators Group (LNOG) calls are planned through Webex. We will try to rotate the time of the call between this and a more Asia-friendly time (4pm pacific for example).

The forum is open to anyone interested in hearing about LISP, if you are willing to give a talk in future LNOG meetings please send an email to Albert Cabellos (email address)

UPCOMING MEETING: LNOG 004: October 2014 (details will be announced 1 month before)

Please vote for the location of the upcoming LNOG meeting!!!!!

Call History:

The inaugural (historic!) LNOG call was held on Thursday, April 12, 2012 8:02 am San Francisco Time and lasted 1 Hour 4 Minutes.



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