Welcome to the LISP Network Operators Group (LNOG) Page

LNOG is intended to be a forum to discuss topics around the protocol design, implementation, and operational deployment of LISP. We hope that participants can use it to share techniques/tips, ideas for future use cases, and get a general feel for what works and what could be improved with regards to the real operational issues involved with running a LISP network.

Monthly LISP Operators Group (LNOG) calls are planned. The inaugural (historic!) LNOG call was held on Thursday, April 12, 2012 8:02 am San Francisco Time and lasted 1 Hour 4 Minutes. Beginning in June, we will try to rotate the time of the call between this and a more Asia-friendly time (4pm pacific for example). Please feel free to forward this email – this call is open to anyone interested in hearing about LISP.

NEXT CALL: 20 June 2012, Time TBD


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